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Dive Into the New Age of Learning & Development for Pharmaceutical Industry

Module Options

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Standard Modules

Objective of these modules is to provide the basic concepts of the subjects in question and allows the participant to practice what is learnt till perfection. This enables in instilling the right behaviour in shop floor associates and qualifying them before engaging them in any critical operations in production as well as in laboratories.

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Customized Modules

In addition to providing the benefits of a standard module, our customized module option opens up huge opportunity to simulate the customer specific learning environment where trainees get the most realistic experience of their own work environment.  This is useful in training on SOPs and customer specific practices. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Photo of hybrid training by INOVR

Hybrid modes 

Hybrid Module options combine VR learning experience with periodic physical sessions by the related subject matter experts (SMEs). This provides opportunity of free discussion on any topic, learning from the user experiences, providing any inputs with respect to current regulatory expectations and finally including any new area of interest in the VR training modules.

Standard Modules

Aseptic processing

Aseptic Processing

The modules in this stream includes  Aseptic Behaviors where the  participants are trained on key behaviors those are essential to be practiced including the concepts of First-air and risk of interventions.

Cleaning & disinfection

Cleaning & Disinfection

This module includes basic principles of cleaning and disinfection, understanding the importance of cleaning and also practice the right techniques for effective decontamination.

Basic microbiology training

Basic Microbiology

This module comprises of basic concepts of Microbiology, Environmental monitoring, aseptic techniques for microbiology labs

Granules processing in Wurster

OSD manufacturing

This module cover the basics of various technologies used in Granulation, Compression and Coating.   

HEPA filter testing

Plant Engineering

 & Process Safety

This module includes HVAC validation techniques, key control points, some of the do's and don'ts.

Note: We are constantly expanding the coverage of the modules we offer across many disciplines within pharma. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our current programs.

User Experinces

photo of INOVR user
"This is a wonderful thing......The industry must come up to adopt this and to go for its application in training because they are spending millions of money in the investigation.."

Dr D N Dikshit,

Senior Pharma Quality professional

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