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Control human errors and associated regulatory citations in
pharmaceutical production and QC laboratories by enhancing training effectiveness and learning retention

When do we need Virtual Reality for Training?

  • Human errors and reworks cost a lot

  • Increasing Deviations/OOS with people as a root cause

  • Regulatory citations related to people practices

  • Spending a lot on training, but unable see the results at shop-floor

Practice options

Opportunity to practice in a risk-and pressure-free environment, without any equipment downtime, environmental contamination or material wastage

Better Employee Buy-in

A deeper understanding of the “why” behind each process and practice, increases employee buy-in.

Instant feedback

Instant feedback for all errors along with direction for correction.

Better Knowledge Retention

Visualizing the impact of errors and ability to practice the right behaviour boosts Knowledge Retention

Virtual Reality Advantages

Better Efficiency

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs of human error

It engages employees in an immersive and interactive learning environment for highly effective and sustainable results!

INOVR is a Virtual Reality (VR) based educational platform, which engages employees in an immersive and interactive learning environment for highly effective and sustainable results. INOVR is built by the experts from GxPFONT in collaboration with world-class VR technology developers and vetted by global Industry experts to bring to you an advanced training platform which is specially designed to meet Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry needs.


With our extensive global experience in aseptic manufacturing and microbiology we know your needs and the regulatory expectations better than anyone else in this field. INOVR clearly differentiates itself from others with customized content design for different cleanroom applications. It also offers operators' practice options in the modules with continuous performance feedback and finally delivering the operators' qualification test results.


INOVR  supremacy

Use of visuals for best conveying the message

Unlimited practice options for improving accuracy and knowledge retention

Close to real-world experience for better knowledge retention

Answering "why" behind every instruction improves employee buy-in

Key Features

  • High level of technical accuracy built by pharma quality professionals and SMEs.
  • All modules are continuously upgraded to meet current regulatory expectations and industry best practices
  • Modules are built on globally acclaimed technology platforms, for truly immersive real world learning experience in a high quality 3D environment
  • Options to choose from Standard and Custom designed modules to best suit the learning purpose.
  • Options to combine the physical sessions with VR based training modules
  • Multiple local language options in each module
  • Unbeatable value for money. No mandatory yearly License fees
  • Worldwide support for any queries, modifications or trouble shooting.

No more misadventures with your critical processes!

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